For this project we had to create a tower based on the following reference:

I decided to go with the canon one. We had a limit of 600 tris for the low poly version, which I ended up way under it, having only 420 tris. I actually got to save some poly count by removing the bottom part of certain meshes, since this is supposed to be for a top-down mobile tower defense game.

There was a catch though, it had to be stylized to match a mobile game. Luckily we had a tutorial that could follow along to meet this criteria. Had to do it twice, because I thought I originally did something wrong. I didn’t, I just didn’t expect the outcome.

As for problems, the maps, the exported ones to be exact. Obviously this stylized material puts all the information onto the base color, as follows:

 The problem with this is that, even though when I originally baked, all the maps were created, when exporting they did not exist. That means that with PBR and other specific maps they were never created, because, obviously, they don’t exist in the Substance file. It’s just the base color. So I am basically confused as to what maps do we exactly have to submit, the ones that are just one color, or the ones from the original bake?

What about the ones that are not generated from the bake, but are instead a combination of two other maps, like Emission? At this point, I decided to go with what Substance generated, hoping that will be enough. Small fun project, but confusing on the map export.