For this week, I actually didn’t get much done. I am finished with modeling the props and started texturing them. I was so proud of some of them, until I learned that all props need to have the texture on a single 2K map, which is a ridiculous standard, considering some of my props look best if they have their own map. So now I am working on texturing them all. It is not that bad, but quality suffers. Unfortunately I don’t have an image of the progress, because my Internet is pretty slow at home, so I mainly work in the labs for this.

The other thing I’ve been working on is the building. I advanced a bit since last time, but generally not that much progress was made. I have the shape of the house, the stairs, roof and balcony blocked and some of the wood supports. It is still basically in the blocking state. I am trying to keep it simple and not just copy the entire reference. My next step is to finish this, get started on the Unity project and finish all the textures as well. Other than that, I am pretty much done.

I will update this post with more pictures, once I get them loaded, because I never learn my lesson and always depend on downloading the Maya file.