This week I didn’t get to do much. I started working on the building, since I am already done with the props. Obviously, two story building and I wanted it to have a balcony as well. Still working on blocking the whole thing. I am not sure as to how long this will take me though.

I also finished the rocks (model and textured) and started working on texturing the rest of the objects. I made 3 rocks, which in total use 1730 Tris. I am really happy with how the rocks ended up, as I sculpted them in ZBrush, which wasn’t that big of a challenge.

Texturing the Stop Sign was interesting. Since I made the sign a simple plane, in order to save polygons and make it to where I can swap textures, I couldn’t just paint the texture normally. I had to deal with transparency and masking it. Which I had no idea how to do that. After a quick Google search and some Painter tutorials, I discovered there is another type of layer, called Opacity. Which does exactly what you might have guessed. I then created an alpha mask and used that to mask out the corners of the stop sign. I also made an alpha mask for a cool decal to paint on top of the sign and added some bullet holes for extra detail.