Things got a lot more complicated. This assignment we had to model a chair and a table based on some references. I would love to say everything went well, but I’d be lying. The references weren’t the vest, especially the chair. The exact piece sizes weren’t given, only their length, so I had to deduct some of them or improvise (eg. the chair slats I had to make the spacing between them slightly larger than they mentioned).

Texturing wasn’t flawless either. At first, when I did planar mapping they ended up all funky, by which I mean their texture was literally the 1×1 square. In the end I figured out it was because I had “Keep image width/height ratio” deselected.

I also got a bit lazy and reused the same texture for all slates. I could have made them all separate, but I didn’t feel like separating the mappings and all that. Plus extra shade texturing on the extra pieces seemed a bit much for this.