Ultimate Sin is the game I am currently working on. It is a 2D rouge-lite, procedurally-generated dungeon crawler with RTS elements. Now, before you all go ahead and say “Oh, so like every other 2D dungeon crawler everybody is doing nowadays?”, just listen me out. You are playing as one of the 7 sins, your goal is to kill the other 6 to be crowned The Ultimate Sin and rule over the weaklings. Each character has 4 sets of skills that you start with. As you play more, you unlock more skills you can use, skills that are tied to a character or common between all or several of them.

HoorayNow, I mentioned that the game will have RTS elements in it. What is RTS for those who don’t know? RTS stands for Real Time Strategy. For example, X-COM is an RTS, Starcraft is also an RTS, Civilization , Age of Empires. Here is a link on Wikipedia about it. Now, you are probably wondering how is this being added in the game? Well, in combat! Yes, the combat will be X-COM style, aka turn-based. When you start the game you will have the main character and a few minions with you. You are free to move around freely until you go into a room with enemies, at which point combat mode begins. Just like in X-COM you start first and will have limited number of actions and moves, like you can see in the gif below.


Now, some of you might recognize the entity sprites and yes, they are from The Binding of Isaac. But don’t worry, they won’t be in the final product, they are just placeholders. The game is basically a combination between The Binding of Isaac and X-COM, two of my favourite games. The game is far from being done, but I am constantly working on it and usually tweeting the progress, so if you want to know more about this, feel free to follow me on Twitter @OnyxDarkKnight.