So I finally got the path it takes to travel to a certain tile to render properly. It is quite the revelation, considering it took a few days to do it. Slowly, but surely, things are getting done. It still needs a bit of fine-tuning. I mean, how could this be part of developing a game if it really were that easy. And, as I was working on this, I was also thinking of skill ideas, just for Gluttony for now, but still better than nothing. Managed to come up with 25 of them.


I’ll be honest though, I most likely wouldn’t have managed to get some things done if without the people who helped me, so props to José Guerreiro (@cakeslice_dev) for helping me figure out why my custom path renderer was being highlighted by his outline shader. Also, props to Aron Granberg for his awesome A* pathfinding library. Without that, this would have taken a heck of a lot longer. Will definitely purchase it once I actually make some money, just to show my support towards him 🙂