The site might not be done. I might have plenty of things left to do, but at least I have this one post to mark the date I started working ont his.

It’s cold, because it’s England. I have nothing better to do than to work on the website. I wish I could work on the game, but this has to be done. I am all alone as of yet, but one day my partner will team up with me and maybe one day we’ll have a proper texturer as well. Until then, this company is stuck with my horrible HTML and drawing skills, but awesome programming skills B)

You know, this is all written and added manually. That means I keep having to manually edit the html page to include the blog post of my choice. That also means I have to manually add images and position them properly, no website or tool to help me. Because as a programmer that learned about website development, you are apparently forced into making a website by yourself, without the use of an external tool. Or is it just me? Maybe I am too stubborn and won’t accept help, because “I learned web development”. I guess this is my way of trying to justify learning that in the first place, even if I suck at this.