For this assignment we had to create modular pieces for a sci-fi hallway. The pieces were: a minimum of 4 walls, floors and ceilings, minimum of two 4-way intersections, a minimum of 4 turns, at least 2 trims and a minimum of 10 floaters.

I didn’t get to do much of this. I got the base models with high and low poly, except the floaters. Unfortunately I had worked on Monday, but forgot to upload my progress to Google Drive, so I had lost all my progress. That really put me behind schedule and plus all the other things that I had to do, I ended up really behind and unable to finish. I barely got the whole thing in Unity, unfortunately none of it is actually textured.

Some of the models don’t fit properly either. Like the ceilings, in Unity they have empty corners, while in Maya they fit perfectly on top of the walls. And some of the walls don’t connect properly and since I didn’t make a wall trim I can’t cover them properly.

This was a poorly executed project for me. I might have been able to finish it if I had one more week. The models aren’t that bad, the geometry is actually really good. I just wish I was able to fix things. Too late now though. I also didn;t manage to set up a proper Unity scene. If only I had more time…

Anyway, I inspired my hallway on these

Here is how they look in Maya. They are aligned next to each other. Something that I didn’t realize until it was too late is that the ceilings have flipped normals. Which didn’t occur to me until I put them in Unity and realized that the ceiling renders on top, but not when looking under.

Despite my failure in finishing this project, I think I did a decent job.