This week I’ve only worked on one asset, the cactus. I decided to go ahead and model it and even texture it. I don’t want to do the rocks yet, as I am going to make those in 330 anyway, and I don’t want to waste time on something I will already do anyway.

Anyway, the cactus I would say ended up really nice. I really enjoy working in ZBrush, despite its weird controls. I think there is plenty of detail in it. And the low poly has enough triangles to give it a nice shape, while still keeping things to a minimum. Both bases have only 580 tris and the branches have 720, respectively 800 tris. I can’t wait to put this into Unity and make custom cacti!


One thing I am a bit disappointed with is the material. Since I am still following the Substance Designer tutorials, I am not that good at making my own materials to make anything even remotely realistic. However, I am in luck. I actually found on Youtube a tutorial on how to make such a material. The video is by Joakim Stigsson, who is one of the artists that worked on Battlefield 1.

Now, the video is not really a tutorial per say, since he doesn’t really go over a detailed step by step instruction from scratch, but rather he goes and shoes how he did it. As such he doesn’t really go and explain everything, so when I follow along the video, I mostly have to make guesses as to what each node’s settings are only by looking at the visuals.

Now, I also wanted to go over and texture my teammate’s models, but I ran a bit out of time and was a bit too tired as well, with Easter being around the corner and all. I hope to have something done quick on Monday afternoon after classes.