This week my team and I met to finalize the asset list. Originally I thought I’d do some crates, but Jessica is already doing that, so what I decided to do are the following:

  • Building
  • Textures and controller
  • Unique props:
    • Tire
    • Cactus
    • Stop Sign
    • Rocks

I am going to work on the main structure, based on this building, since it is two story and gives me a reason to decorate the interior as well.

I also decided I will work on the actual Unity environment, adding the controller, creating the terrain and all of the positioning, since I did that in my CAGD230 class.

I also took upon myself to work on the textures, to make sure we have  a unified style, rather than different materials for each prop. So I started learning how to use Substance Designer to make my own materials. Just following the tutorials for now.

As for some props, we decided to split the work among ourselves. I decided to make a tire, a stop sign, a modular cactus and some rocks. The rocks I decided to leave that for next week, since I am going to make some in my 330 class, so might as well use that.

For the cactus I got a few references, but decided to postpone that model as well and concentrate on something easier.

So this weekend I modeled and UV’d the stop sign and tire, both low and high poly versions.

The tire was easy, I got a simple reference to get the basic shape and then went from there. I got a total of 680 triangles, decided to give it a healthy number so I can get the shape nice and clear. We do have 30k at our disposal.

With the stop sign I wanted to make it a bit more interesting, so I bent the pole to give it more character. Only 168 triangles, a good sign that I can be generous with my rocks and cactus. For the stop sign I didn’t use a reference, but I did look up on Google the height of a stop sign, and it needs to be a minimum of 2m tall.

To create this shape I created a cylinder and a CV curve and I simply extruded the cylinder along the curve.