For our final project, we need to create assets for one of 3 game options: Fallout 4, Ghost Recon or Heroes of the Storm. Since neither of us was that interested in Heroes of the Storm, we ended up with having to chose between GR and F4. Now, I already did game objects for a desolate game for my 230 class, when I created a building in the Red Dead Redemption style, so in the end we decided to go with Ghost Recon.

Each game has its own specification, with its own set of models you need to make. For Ghost Recon we have to create:

  • 3 shipping containers
  • a gun
  • a two story building
  • 3 pallets
  • 3 crates/barrels
  • 10 unique scene dressing props (at least)
  • terrain textures

For my part, I actually decided to make the crates/barrels, some props and the building, plus work in Substance Designer and create a bunch of materials we can use. I think that would be really fun and an integral process in making things look nice.

Now, judging by some of the references I found, most buildings seem to be Hispanic themed. Very traditional, yet modern. If that makes sense.

I also found some reference for crate and they look overly simplistic. Then again they are crates, and the they are supposed to be part of the real world, so it is not like they are going to be special, but I think I have something in mind to make them more interesting.

For the weekend I want to do the crate, start to finish, make the crates and work on some material designs. Also, I might create some concept art for the two story building.