For the final project we had to create props for a game we chose, out of: Heroes of the Storm, Ghost Recon or Fallout 4. My team and I decided to go with Ghost Recon, because that was a bit more our style. For this we had to create: 10 props, a 2 story building, 3 crates/barrels, 3 containers, 3 pallets and a gun. I took upon myself to make 4 props and the building, as well as handling the Unity scene in which this had to be set up together and texture all models, to make them consistent throughout the map. The 4 props that I did were: a modular cactus (4 pieces in total), 3 rocks, a stop sign and a tire.

I used Maya 2017 for modeling and UV-ing. For texturing and baking I used Substance Painter 2. Lastly, all was assembled in Unity 5 to put the scene together.

I didn’t encounter that many problems, not from my own models, but I did get some that had Ngons or poor UVs. I simply spent all day fixing them, so I can get a good baked model. Some of the UVs, for example, just had too many small parts, so I just selected the faces and did a planar projection. For some of the Ngons that I encountered I simply used the multi-cut tool to fix them. I did learn that maybe I should have split the work better. Maybe I should have let someone else make the building and I work only on the props.

The building is probably my least favorite model. It was poorly done in my opinion. Even with the 4k map, which Jen kindly allowed me to use, I still think it falls flat and looks too blurry. From a distance it looks good, but up close a lot of the details just fade away.

I think the props end up great. I was worried that the 2k map will take away from the details, but it actually wasn’t that big of a deal after all. Obviously, to fit all the models on a single map, I had to combine all the props into one project, but the only ones I mentioned is what I modeled.