So we got into ZBrush and after making a wooden plank and going to make rocks soon as well, we have to create a book as our final. We have to watch a few tutorials on that, but we should come up with our own design.

I want to create an old-style book. After a quick Google search I stumbled upon a few designs that interest me

People really liked to lock their books apparently. Literal knowledge gate.

Then, I wanted to have a design, since the tutorials is on how to make a Pirate book, with a skull on the front. Since I am not that interested in copying what they are doing in the video, I wanted this to be like a rebel old book.

Maybe something like Junkrat’s logo

Or a combination of that plus the Wobbuffet’s face

I was also thinking, if things don’t go well I might try to mimic the Alchemy book from Fullmetal Alchemist. And even implements some of those interesting designs on the back.

As a last resort, in case the other two don’t go well, or maybe are not intricate enough, I can get some inspiration from the following models I found, which I though were pretty cool.

That kinda goes for the design. Didn’t really draw anything this time, mostly because I think I already know what I want to make.