The scene is composed of a car on a road, a forest, a boat next to a lake that has ducks on it, a house and an “End Road” sign. It is set in the early morning and supposed to reflect the beauty of nature and its merge with mankind.

The scene itself has elongated ground and lake, so that when a render is done, it resembles more like an actual scenery than simply a square with stuff on it. The viewer is supposed to be immersed in the image and imagine he/she is there.

I added multiple camera angles, but the one I stuck with is the first one. It is a bird-eye view of the scenery that is supposed to emphasize nature’s beauty. The small car compared to the massive trees in the dense forest enforces the lonely environment.  The low orange light in the cold morning calms down the viewer and relaxes him/her.

The scene I wanted to create was a simple, car on a road near a forest, then though it should have a lake with a house next to it as well. I wanted it to look like it was early in the morning and look as realistic as possible. In my opinion I managed to do exactly that. Now that I look at it, I actually feel like adding more stuff to it, like a bench, some flowers maybe, but overall I think I managed to achieve what I planned on doing. I made an image of what I want inside my head and put it into Maya.