This assignment we had to create a pencil based on an image reference. It was pretty simple and straight forward. I didn’t have too many problems with it. I did, however, realize that I wanted to change the shape of the clamp after I already had deleted the History long ago. Luckily, I still modified the shape by selecting the vertices and scaling them, giving me the exact same effect as if I changed the curve itself.






As you can see the renders are pretty good. The metal part is nice and shiny, the bump map on the tip, although barely visible, still existent and a nice engraving of my name on it.

I made both the clamp and the rubber from curves. My professor made the rubber from a cylinder, but I wanted more control over the shape and, in my opinion, I think I made a good choice. The graphite also has shininess to it, though from this lighting angle you can’t see it, so I feel like I should’ve adjusted the angle of the light a bit more, but my laptop is pretty slow and Maya has crashed on me 3 times already, so I didn’t want to risk it any more.