This assignment we had to create a Grocery Shelf with some objects in it. The requirements were as follows: a minimum of 6 boxes of different shapes and sizes all with different textures and 3 glass items of different shapes and sizes, but can contain more. I decided to stick to only glass jars and boxes.

Modeling the objects was the easy part. Most of them were just primitive shapes and a bit of beveling and some curves for the jars. UV-ing the objects was not that hard either, since all I had to texture were the boxes and shelves. This I find it to be the hardest part in modeling, even if I said it is easy. It is more meticulous than hard, because you have to arrange the UV amp so everything fits perfectly.


The shelf was easy to model, since it is composed of just basic primitives. I simply followed a reference image of a shelf to get the correct size and voila. I had no problems UV-ing this object. I just unfolded each piece, after that I split the small thin sides that were created and put them on top of each-other. They were taking too much space, so I had to separate them from the main body. The shelf was probably the easiest to texture. I simply took the wood material that I got and removed the excess around the shapes created from the UV map, leaving just a bit of a rim around each shape.


To make the jars I used a CV curve and some reference images of jars to get the shape. I then revolved the curve and ended up with that simple jar shape. For these I didn’t even have to UV them, because I simply applied materials to different parts of the object to create the effect I wanted: one for the lid, one for the glass and one for the contents of the jar. While this makes the jars look a bit plain, it saves time and resources.


Modeling the boxes wasn’t hard, as they were simply primitive shapes with some beveling on the edges. The boxes were a bit hard to create the UV map for, because of the beveling, but after a bit of UV manipulation it looked good. Also, because in the end I would duplicate the object, reshaping the UV was not hard at all. The hard part in texturing the boxes was to actually find a proper texture. I was not able to find that many high quality textures. The ones I found were either too low resolution, had blurry parts, were incomplete or had a watermark on them. So what I did was use what texture I had and simply recolor them. They are completely different textures, in the sense that they have different colors, which for me is good enough. It’s the best I could achieve.