This project we have to create a scene of a Dining Hall. I personally chose to replicate the following picture, which can be found originally at https://uk.pinterest.com/pin/476889048012574688/

modern_dining_hallThe layout is pretty simple, a table in the center surrounded by chairs, with a painting on the left and in the background a giant mirror. In front of the mirror is a table stand where some objects are place, which includes a clock, two vases, a bottle of wine, cups and glasses. On the table, in front of each chair there is a tea cup with what appear to be chopsticks on top. In the center of the table is another vase. Lastly, above the table is located a ceiling lamp.

In my scene I tried to replicate the image to a detail, however, since plants have a high poly count, I decided to swap them with some statues that I still need to pick a reference for, or just create something from my imagination. I also removed the center vase and reduced the items on the table stand to just 2 sculptures and the clock.

So far, my scene has a total of 172 faces, which is a lot better than my original scene, which after still not being even remotely done, the block scene had surpassed 1000 faces. This is why I chose this rather simplistic, yet cleaner and fancier, dining hall.


  • Painting x1
  • Mirror x1
  • Chair x10
  • Tea cups x10
  • Sculptures x2
  • Clock x1
  • Ceiling Lamp x1