Progress has been slow on the project. I’ve been working on the main table, which took a lot. I had a few problems with it, such as existence of Ngons. I had to delete a few faces and bridge the edges to form new and quadratic faces. I also had to separate the legs, top and bottom pieces from each-other because they were one of the causes of appearance of the Ngons. In the end I managed to fix it (which took quite a while), created its UV map and then textured it. I then also textured the mirror frame since it was easy.

However, that being said, I am still a bit behind with what I originally planned on having done. The table set me back quite a bit, but that just means I need to work a bit harder to get things done in time for the deadline. There is not much to be said other than that.

I did add lighting, which is entirely from lamps and chandeliers, since in the reference image there seem to be no windows at all. I also have an area light to brighten up the environment a bit more, since the light just from the lamps wasn’t enough.

UV mapping is going good. I am doing them as I model each object, to save time. This is by far the most tedious thing to do, besides fixing bad geometry. Here are some UV maps I did so far: Painting, Mirror Frame, Table and Chair. I will continue working on the scene, stick to my original plan and work on the table next to the mirror, then clock, statues and tea cups and leave the chandelier for last. Then, lastly, I will texture the room itself. If needed I will add more tables to give it more of a restaurant vibe.