Game Programmer, 3D Artist, Animator and Game Designer

Hi there, I am Sorin, Game Developer, Game Designer, Level Designer, 3D Artist and games passionate. I like playing games and coming up with ideas for some. I’ve made a few games in the past with a friend of mine. They were not perfect, but I think they were decent considering none of us had any experience in programming, game design, level design or anything for that matter. Just two guys making something a game they thought it was cool and other seemed to agree.

I learned how to code by making Minecraft mods. When I started playing it, the game was in like Beta 1.6.6, not much existed back then and mods were sparse too. I actually haven’t even heard about mods until 1.7.3, when I looked on the forum and saw some. I then said to myself “Wouldn’t it be cool if Minecraft had carpets” so I learnt how to mod and added carpets and other objects, items or entities that I thought would make an interesting addition to it.

I know how to program in Java, C#, Lua, Python and C++, although I primarily work in C# in Java. I know how to make 3D models and animate. I am looking into learning how to rig models and create music. I also learned how to draw and make materials in Substance Designer and apply textures to models using Substance Painter. Level Design is a new subject that I learned, but I still had some basic knowledge of it, before actually studying it.